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Carolinaa designera facilitator

Based in Berlin, I’m a design leader who is passionate about teamwork.

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With a broad background in design, my current focus is on teams and collaboration

Workshops Facilitation

I believe collaboration leads to better outcomes and I facilitate design thinking workshops to engage cross-functional teams in product discovery, creating meaningful and validated solutions.

Design Leadership

My broad experience with branding and product helps me connect user experience with visual communication, leading teams to evolve their design language with a consistent and unified strategy.

Kindly called Carol or Carô, I’m a designer and a facilitator, leading design and research teams into building innovative products.

I work with Product Design for 7 years now, but in my 16 years of experience I have also worked with webdesign, branding, communication design and marketing. Back in Brazil, I also had a design agency, Zimya, for 4,5 years, which thought me a lot about sales and business.

My broad design background, combined with my passion for design thinking have recently lead me to becoming a strong workshop facilitator fostering collaboration and advocating for new ways of working.

On a personal note, I’m a mother of a very sweet baby girl, I love to travel and discover historical and beautiful places around the world. I enjoy hiking, chilling in the park, riding my bike and my current hobby is gardening.

A native speaker of Portuguese, I'm from Porto Alegre, south of Brazil, and I've been working in Germany since January 2018. I can also speak English and Italian, and I'm eagerly studying German too.



Recruiting and onboarding

Design Strategy

Talent growth

Design Ops

Team culture


Design Thinking

Design Sprint

Remote Workshops

Opportunity Mapping



User Experience

User Interface

Design System

User Flow

Rapid Prototyping


User Research

User Journey Mapping

Problem Definition

Continuous Discovery


Brand Strategy

Corporate Identity

Visual Communication

Brand Guidelines

Previously at

Head of Design & Research at CoachHub

During 4 years, I lead the Design and Research teams at CoachHub, building and consolidating the discipline trough operations, people, experience, business and strategy.

My main responsibilities and achievements have been:

Leading a team growth from 4 to 25 members and shaping Design Operations to support this expansion.

› Implementing Product Discovery processes that has empowered teams to build solutions aligned with user needs, resulting in notable enhancements to user experience and operational efficiency, reflecting, for an example, in an NPS of 75.

› Designing and facilitating over 35 workshops, fostering innovation and collaboration internally and driving significant client acquisitions externally, such as the biggest deal of a startup.

› Planing and facilitating design sprints that have accelerated learning cycles, launched features faster, and iterated swiftly on user experience improvements.

› Leading the evolution of B2B and B2C products with the implementation of solid Design Systems, improving design consistency and accessibility and reducing development time.

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